---First of all
I DON'T do pretty ^_~, if you are looking for pretty dolls, try somewhere else!

---Pieces that will be accepted
I accept commission pieces for any size or sculpt, however please note that the smaller the sculpt, the more difficult it is to get a lot of detail. If you have a query about the size of your piece--just ask me!

---About the custom materials
Apoxie Sculpt

Rembrandt dry pastels
Tamiya and Hasegawa acrylic paints and associated products
Faber Castell artist watercolour pencils
Miscellaneous (note that some of my more extreme customs have also used glass, wire, porcelain, metal and electrical parts)

---Customisation prices
I give obligation free quotes individually for each request, please email me or contact me on DoA to discuss your concept!
Please note quotes do not include return shipping price.

All payments are carried out through non CC paypal. Payment is accepted on completion of the custom.

The custom works are permanent and can't be removed without serious sanding or resculpting! Think seriously about what you want!

To see my feedback thread on DoA